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Exploring Retail Real Estate Investments: Comparing Discount and Specialty Sectors

We often pass by retail stores without fully realizing the diverse range of commercial real estate options they represent. Today, we’re taking a closer look at two specific types of retail enterprises that CMK Properties favors for investment and development: discount and specialty retail.

At CMK Properties, our portfolio features two distinct types of retail tenants: discount retail and specialty retail. We have forged strategic partnerships with prominent tenants like Dollar Tree and Tractor Supply Company that fit our criteria for solid, stable, and predictable opportunities. But what makes these sectors in particular so attractive for investment?

In this blog post, we’ll equip you with the factors you should consider so that you can invest in retail real estate with confidence. Discover the distinct advantages of discount and specialty retail below.

Discount vs. Specialty Retail: What Are The Differences?

Discount retail, epitomized by enterprises such as Dollar Tree or Dollar General, revolves around providing a diverse array of products at budget-friendly price points. This approach resonates with value-conscious consumers, creating high foot traffic and demand. Discount retail outlets vary in size but tend to be smaller, making them suitable for a wide range of locations, from urban centers to suburban areas.

On the other hand, specialty retail, represented by entities like Tractor Supply Company, focuses on catering to specific niche markets. These stores often require large spaces to accommodate their unique product offerings and may be located in suburban or specialized retail centers. By targeting unique customer needs and interests, specialty retailers cultivate a loyal customer base and the potential for higher profit margins. 

Performance Insights in Discount and Specialty Retail Investment

Discount Retail: The allure of discount retail lies not just in its affordability but also in its ability to weather economic storms. When financial clouds gather, discount retailers often stand as beacons of stability with enduring foot traffic. Higher sales volumes, fueled by affordability, contribute to stable revenue streams, aligning with our commitment to reliable performance. In addition, by developing the real estate, CMK is able to offer investors the opportunity to participate in both the cash flow of the property and the upside profits of the sale of a fully stabilized, 100% leased property.

Specialty Retail: Specialty retail, on the other hand, embodies a distinct form of market resilience. These ventures typically maintain a steadfast demand regardless of broader economic conditions. The niches they cater to create a community of dedicated customers, forming a reliable foundation for performance. As with discount retail properties, our investors benefit from both the consistent cash flow of specialty retail stores and the upside profits of their sale.

Harnessing the Power of Single Tenant Net Lease Structures

Finally, both discount and specialty retail developments traditionally utilize single tenant net lease structures, a preferred approach at CMK Properties. By entering into STNL lease agreements, we establish symbiotic, strategic partnerships with select retailers who meet our strict investment criteria. These arrangements ensure a steady rental income while entrusting the tenant with property maintenance responsibilities. Additionally, we’re able to secure long-term leases with favorable terms, creating a win-win scenario. Our tenants become sole occupants of their space, and our operational involvement is limited.

In conclusion, both discount retail and specialty retail offer compelling advantages for real estate investment. At CMK Properties, we’ve seen great success in developing for tenants in these sectors like Tractor Supply Company, Dollar General, and others, reinforcing our motto of solid, stable, and predictable opportunities. If you are interested in exploring investment within the discount retail or specialty retail sectors, we would be happy to speak with you further. Please fill out this form to contact us today.

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